Inovia Flame Retardants

Inovia Materials LLC designs and develops new flame retardants based on ionic liquids. The tailorable structures and novel properties of ionic liquids enables a complete redesign of new generation flame retardants.

1. Flame retarding elements P, N, S, etc. can be designed in one molecule, and the best flame retarding performances can be obtained.

2. The structures of ionic flame retardants can be tailored towards different plastic materials so that compatibility and processability can be improved; optical properties (transparency) of plastic will not be affected; mechanical properties of plastic will be less affected.

3. When used in combination with traditional flame retardants, ionic flame retardants can improve compatibility between additives and plastics, enhance retarding performances, and mitigate effects of additives on the properties of plastics.

Flame Retardants for Polycarbonate Plastics

DR-S15 for Transparent PC Products

MB-PC10C Masterbatch of DR-S15 

DR-M878 for Opaque PC Products

Flame retardants for Polyamides 66&6

CR-M5575 for PA66 (V0@0.4mm)

CR-M1431 for GF enforced PA66 (brooming proof)

CR-M1431C Masterbatch of CR-M1431 (97% active component)

CR-M55105 for PA6 (V0@0.4mm)

CR-M1631 for GF enforced PA6 (brooming proof)

CR-M1631C Masterbatch of CR-M1631 (97% active component)

Flame Retardants for Other Plastics

ER-M1443 for GF Enforced PBT

BR-S13 for TPU

AR-S11 for PMMA