Intellectual Property Standing

Inovia Materials LLC, established in 2012 in Colorado, is the first and only company that develops ionic liquids as plastic flame retardants. Inovia Materials LLC has a subsidiary in China, Inovia Materials (Hangzhou)LLC.

Collectively, Inovia Materials have patents granted in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries or regions. Features of Inovia’s patent includes using ionic liquid alone or in combination with various traditional flame retardants including aluminum diethyl-phosphinate. Compared to other flame retardants on market, ionic liquid flame retardants are new to the market. Patents filed before 2012 couldn’t cover ionic liquids, for ionic liquid flame retardants were not known. Inovia Materials doesn’t have any intellectual property conflict with any organizations or individuals.

Inovia Materials has discussed our analysis of intellectual properties with major international flame-retardant development companies and plastic modification companies. They all understand and accept our standing.